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:: 2020-09-23 06:26:20

OpenXcom revisited

I've had a bad encounter with this one 6mio+ years ago, but I have to say things have improved significantly since then. I'm actually having fun with it, daresay. There were some hurdles in getting it to compile on my notebook (1.2GHz iBook G4), so here's the patch for the "old" 1.0.0 version; don't try to use later snapshots, the code is broken as far as older compilers are concerned. You get a complimentary Makefile.osx too. Do the needful and install yaml-cpp-0.5.1 (not earlier, not later), and fucking boost because 0.5.1 depends on that piece of shit.

Written in C++ it's slow as an absolute motherfuck though.

Especially with CACA

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