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:: 2022-06-16 11:48:11

Sim City / Micropolis moves back to OSF/1

Micropolis used to be native to the good old UNIX bunch (OSF/1, Irix, Solaris, etc) when it was version 2. Now that it has moved to shithub and advanced^Wregressed to version 4 it doesn't really work on these ancient OSes as much as it did back in the days when people were forwarding its X windows to each others' 8bpp X terminals, but it can be done.

First, apply all the patches from packages.debian.org which does most of the work and also provide some UI improvements, then comment all mentions of _NET_WM_* in the Tk source. Now all that is needed is a compiler which doesn't barf on the XEvent type in tkwm.c (gcc 2.8-2.95 does), or fix it some other way which is beyond me.

8bpp visual support is broken in multiple ways. All checkbox*xpm files need to be converted into 64 colors, playhilite* and scenhilit* files into 16. Even if the -c option is used for a private colormap (which is also a _must_). Without this, the DrawBeegMap() function - which draws the main game area - segfaults in ROW16_8(). Someone should fix this properly.

Notably, the multiplayer code is still there although disabled because the author didn't think african niggers of the OLPC scam could cope with the concept of X server addresses (yes this is the official explanation, look it up on his twitter). Use the "-m" option and it usually works, although it does seem to work best (at all) when the main exe runs on a Linux. Or on Irix for some reason. FreeBSD or OS X silently fails to add the other player somehow, don't know why. It can also fail with BadCursor, or fail to detect the geometry of the X window and create an oversized game window. On Windows, it works well with MobaXterm.

There's more room for improvement.

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